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Rally Notes is Australia’s most successful and longest continuing pace note supplier to tarmac rally competitors. We have supplied pace notes to competitors since the inception of Targa Tasmania in 1992 and for almost every tarmac rally in Australia over the past 20 years!

Our pace notes are developed and written by Daniel Willson, one of Australia’s highest current FIA ranked rally co-driver’s, who has many years of experience competing in club, state, national and international rallies including the Australian Targa Championship, the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship, the Australian Rally Championship, the Asia Pacific Rally Championship and World Rally Championship rounds.

You too can tap into the wealth of knowledge from the Rally Notes team, whether you’re a first time competitor or a seasoned rally crew then we’re sure we can help you to go faster and compete safely in your next rally.

We have 2 different levels of pace notes available; the ‘Original Rally Notes’ and the new ‘Advanced Rally Notes’, both of which can be supplied in 1-6 & 1-10 formats to suit your individual needs.

Rally Notes supplies pace notes & recce plans for most tarmac rallies in Australia, so please feel free to contact us to talk about pace notes for your next rally.
Call Daniel Willson on 0408624959 or email – daniel@rallynotes.com.au

We are here to help you enjoy rallying as much as we do!


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Rally Notes grew from small beginnings due in no small part to the incredible passion of successful Tasmanian rally co-driver, Ron Coenen, while competing with drivers such as Les Walkden, Ed Ordynski, James Miedecke and Andrew Miedecke in state, national and international level tarmac and gravel rallies. For the next 20 years the business continued to grow and became the number one selling pace notes supplier for tarmac rallies in Australia. As the official supplier of pace notes to Targa Tasmania and Octagon Australia for many years, Rally Notes has produced an industry leading product to international standards.

During 2012, Ron handed over the reins to one of Australia’s most successful current FIA ranked rally co-driver’s, Daniel Willson, who along with his team, bring a wealth of rally and pace noting knowledge to Rally Notes. Daniel operates a successful small business in the engine reconditioning industry, as well as having many years of experience writing and preparing customer pace notes for many tarmac and gravel events. At the same time Daniel has competed in more than 100 rallies at state, national & international level including several Targa wins and wins in the 2012 and 2013 Asia Pacific Rally Championship and the World Rally Championship.

Daniel has continued to provide 100’s of customers accurate, consistent and professional pace notes.

Quality pace notes are just one of the many things which will deliver a driver and co-driver the best and safest result possible. Rally Notes have been proven for over 20 years over many, many thousands of kilometres of competition in tarmac rallies all over the country; everyone from professional rally teams and driver’s including Steve Glenney, Rex Broadbent, Tony Sullens and Andrew Miedecke, to once a year competitors including husband and wives, father’s and daughter’s, and mates competing just to have a good time, use Rally Notes!

Please contact us to talk about pace notes and recce planning for your next rally.

Remember we are here to help you enjoy rallying as much as we do!

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